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Bookworms in Milan

Milan is the Italian city where residents read the most according to the results of a survey by Amazon. The..

Aggressive Geese

The northern Italian region of Trentino-Alto Adige is home to an array of dangerous wild animals such as wolves, bears..

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Map the Dolomites

Expo visitors can experience 360-degree views of hiking trails in the Dolomites, thanks to a project on display at the..

Advanced Clean-Up

The difficult task of cleaning Rome’s hundreds of fountains may become a bit easier. The Vatican has proposed using a..

Beach Goers Beware

Vulcano, a small volcanic island off of Sicily, draws tens of thousands of tourists each year, eager to sample the..

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The Sweet Fruits of Summer

The Sweet Fruits of Summer

Italian chefs love when the warm weather rolls around, as summer in Italy brings a wealth of deliciously ripe fruits..

Record Breaking Tiramisu

Record Breaking Tiramisu

The northern Italian town of Gemona has set the record for the largest Tiramisù in culinary history. Weighing in at..

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Monetary Dispute

A broke Italian father in Treviso, northern Italy, is suing his two sons for refusing to lend him 80 euro..

Hunting Dark Matter

A team of physicists at the Gran Sasso particle physics laboratory in the Abruzzo region have inaugurated DarkSide-50, a “high-tech..