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Italian Lesson #53

Leggiamo in Italiano! La cucina Italiana Read the following passage, silently and out loud, several times: La cucina italiana è..

Italian Lesson #52

Italian words you hear dappertutto…everywhere! (ecco, allora, prego, dunque) When we first learned “ecco” it was translated to mean “here is”..

Italian Lesson #51

Buongiorno! Ecco qualche consiglio per lo studio della bella lingua: Use a dictionary and a phrasebook Dictionary If you have..

Italian Lesson #50

SALVE! I hope that last week’s tip on “front-seat” adjectives helped you. Let’s start this week’s lesson with a review of..

Italian Lesson #48

PARLIAMO ITALIANO! As evidenced by one of the last points (future expressions), the present tense is extremely valuable in speaking Italian,..

Italian Lesson #47

ECCO ALCUNI RIBELLI… MORE REBELS IN THE PRESENT TENSE The verb sapere (to know facts/information) is an extremely useful verb. It..